MEET the founder

Hey there. I'm Matt the founder of OFFseasonsclub.

The brand name OFFseasons was inspired by the bulking season where we allow our body to recover, getting enough or a surplus of calories, lifting heavier weights or performing more intense workouts and allowing your body to rest. The ultimate goal is to add on more muscle, get stronger and thicker!

During this time, we tend to wear mostly hoodies or oversized tee because of the perception that during bulk/off seasons, it appears we lost muscle mass.

Then, there was a time when I lost my job due to covid and my Mother to cancer. It definitely took a toll on me and luckily gym helped me go though this. But still, the motivation wasn't there. I decided to look for something funny to wear just to have a laugh and get the mood and motivation back. Unfortunately I could only find shirts with cringy designs or with mainstream quotes. So I decided to create a few designs for myself and wore them as pump covers.

At the gym, I was getting ton of compliments and some of my gym mates even asked where I bought these. So I made a few for them and this is how OFFseasons was born and blew up. Now we have a community of nearly 75K cool athletes!

I just want to say a big thank you to all of you! Keep crushing these bars!

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